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March 27, 2011
Mary Ann Abbate shares about her family's triumph over tragedy in the movie "The 5th Quarter"

Mary Ann's son, Luke Abbate, was tragicly killed in a car accident back in Feb 2006, just days before his 16th birthday. 
The 5th Quarter is based on the true story of the Abbate family. From the tragic death of a teenaged son (Luke) to the passionate rally cry of honor and remembrance by the Abbate’s older son Jon, a star football player at Wake Forest University.

Listen to our interview with Mary Ann Abbate at the interview page:

"The 5th Quarter" Starring Andie MacDowell and Aidian Quinn, in area theaters now.

Also a re-airing from January 30, 2011 
Dealing with L-G-S, an interview with Denae Ayers from Lexington, NC 
Denae's daughter Heather was diagnosed with a rear and severe form of epilepsy called "Lennox - Gastaut (pronounced gas-toe) Syndrome or L-G-S. Heather's story is featured in a new US documentary about LGS entitled "Minute By Minute".

View the documentary:

March 20, 2011

Guest: Christian artist Shawn McDonald
Verne and Tami from the WBFJ Morning Show will dig deep with Shawn McDonald this week on Sunday @ 5 on WBFJ.

BIO background: Shawn has been on an interesting journey. His life has been marked by a string of heartaches, bad breaks, and personal mistakes, events that have landed him both in trouble with the law and in love with the Lord - in that order.
Shawn grew up in Eugene, Oregon, an angry, rebellious teen who was a drug addict and a drug dealer always getting into trouble. Shawn accepted Christ at age 20. He got into the music business in 2004. Perfect life? Not really…   After several painful years together, Shawn and his wife officially ended their marriage in April 2010.
McDonald says he and his wife both made mistakes from the start, and they never found unity they'd longed for. "I was too young when I got married. I had no clue what I was doing. My parents were never in my life, so marriage had never really been modeled for me. I had no idea how hard it was going to be."
Shawn McDonald’s new project “CLOSER” comes out this Tuesday.

March 13, 2011    WBFJ Ministry of the Month (March)
 Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services, Inc.
Guests: Trever and Alice Hellard – Directors of Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services
Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services is a 12-month Christ-centered drug and alcohol rehab for men. They don’t treat the addiction, they treat the man and his family

PHONE: (336) 340-2218

Upcoming events:
The Human Race a 5 k walk/run in Greensboro on Saturday, March 26…
Belk ‘Charity Day’ on Saturday, April 16…
First Pastors’ Coffee on Wed, April 13 at 9am at Wendover Hills Wesleyan Church (Gboro)

March 06, 2011
Randy Bullock - Christian misionary to Romania through Harvest International

Randy Bullock (and his family) left the comforts of Ocala, Florida back in the early 90s, to share Jesus with the people of Romania..a former communist country.  Along with two translators from Romania (Roxy (age 21) and Adeleena (age 25) that assist the Bullocks at summer camps in their country of Romania.

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