Scheduled programs for February 2011

February 27, 2011
Mark Hollingsworth - the head of ‘Radio Marketing’ with Compassion International
Mark wanted to sponsor a child years ago.  He did the research and eventually joined Compassion full time.
Mark is described as a Renaissance man, a citizen of the world and a world traveller. He has traveled to forty-nine countries as a manager of rock bands and a published writer. Mark keeps his ‘stuff’ in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Mark's Book: “Embracing the Gray: A Wing, a Prayer, and a Doubter's Resolve”

Find out more about sponsoring a child through Compassion International (click here)

February 20, 2011    "Releasing Children from Poverty, in Jesus' Name"
Tami from the WBFJ Morning Show will be sharing memories from her recent trip to Mexico City with Compassion International. 
WBFJ / Compassion International Child Sponsorship Drive
Special event coming up NEXT Tuesday and Wednesday (FEB 22 + 23).  For just $38 dollars a month (a little over a dollar a day) you can sponsor a child through Compassion International.
Details online:

February 13, 2011    WBFJ Ministry of the Month for February

The Clemmons Food Pantry
     (a partner agency of the Second Harvest Food Bank of NW NC)
Debbie Boyce – manager of the Clemmons Food Pantry
1 in 8 Americans is 'food insecure' - meaning that they do not know where their next meal will come from.  1 in 4 in our state regularly go to bed hungry. 
Location: Meadowbrook Mall (Suite 14) in Clemmons
Phone: 331-3432

February 6, 2011
Tom Davis - author, speaker and child advocate
Topic: Child Sex-Trafficking
Fact: 1.2 million children fall victim to sex trafficking each year.  Orphans are the usual target.

Tom is the president and founder of "Children's Hope Chest", a Christian child advocacy organization helping orphans in Eastern Europe, Africa and India.  Tom and his wife (Emily) have seven children - two of whom are adopted from Russia.

More about "Priceless"
Children's Hope chest

Stop human trafficking in the US

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