Scheduled programs for May 2010

May 30, 2010
Cheryl Penn with Rolling Thunder (NC - Chapter 6)
Rolling Thunder (Inc) is a national non-profit organization based in Winston-Salem. One of eight Rolling Thunder chapters in the state that publicize the POW-MIA issue.
Mission Statement: "To educate the public that many American Prisoners of War were left behind after all previous wars. They are committed to helping American veterans from all wars."
(336) 924 - 0610

Operation Missing Man – NC
Operation Missing Man NC was formed by members of Rolling Thunder (NC - Chapter 4). The mission of OMM is to inform the general public of the efforts being made to bring home the remains of the remains of US soldiers. Specifically, to obtain the DNA from families of soldiers from North Carolina whose remains are being held at the Joint POW / MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) in Hawaii.
Presently, there are 43 North Carolina soldiers listed as MIA from the Vietnam War, 201 from the Korean War and many more from previous wars. As of June 2007…J-PAC has DNA samples from 30 of the Vietnam veteran families and 136 samples from Korean War veteran families.

Monday, May 31, 2010 is Memorial Day. A Federal holiday commemorating U.S. Service men and women who ‘paid the ultimate sacrifice' while in military action.

May 23 , 2010
Guest: Bobbie Meyer - State Director with the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship

The CPCF will hold a rally (Why Not NC?) at 11am at the capital building in Raleigh this Tuesday, May 25, in support of the 'Choose Life' license plates for North Carolina. 24 other states have already approved 'Choose Life' license plates. For eight years, this pro-life speciality plate has been denied a vote by lawmakers in Raleigh. Each plate sold would generate $15.00 to assist 80 PCC's across the state. Learn more:

Michael Johnson - legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund

ADF is handling the 'sectarian prayer' appeal for the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners. Attorneys for the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners have issued their first filings in the county's appeal, after a lower federal court judge ruled in January that the saying of sectarian prayers at the start of Forsyth County Board meetings is unconstitutional.
Learn More:

May 16, 2010
Guest: Trooper Greg Seabolt (Director) "Operation Red Sleigh"
Operation Red Sleigh, Inc. is a non-profit organization that assists underprivileged children in Randolph County at Christmas Time.
Sign up today for the 9th annual The Sleigh Ride (in July) Charity Cycling event coming up July 17 in Seagrove, NC.
Register here:

"Operation Red Sleigh" is WBFJ's Ministry of the Month
(336) 859-9074

May 09, 2010
Julie Hadden - first runner-up on Season 4 of NBC's "The Biggest loser"
Check out Julie's fantastic testimony of endurance and deeper faith in Christ in her book "Fat Chance: Losing the Weight, Gaining My Worth." Julie is married to Mike and they have 2 sons, Noah and Jaxon.

'God's Pit Crew' from Danville, Virginia, has sent four tractor trailer loads of water and supplies to assist flood victims in Nashville, Tennessee. (Danville News)
Tim Case (Business Manager with God's Pit Crew) will tell us how we can get involved.
More info about God’s Pit Crew:
Phone: 434.836.4472

May 02, 2010
A radio special featuring aurthor, pastor and Bible teacher Max Lacado
"Fearless: Surviving 2010 with more trust and less fear"
(Ambassador Advertising and Thomas Nelson Publishing)

Learn more about Max Lucado's latest book "Fearless-Imagine Your Life Without Fear"


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