Scheduled programs for May 2009

May 31, 2009 Getting you ready for summer!
The kids are almost out of school and last year's swim suit doesn't quite fit...
John and Danita Thomas are the creators of Kid Concoctions

Their mission: Making learning fun and exciting for kids (and parents) by creation unique art and craft projects from household products. Check out their special 10th anniversary edition of Kid Concoctions on sale now.

Making a life style change with writer and fitness pro Tosca Reno
At age 40, Tosca weighed over 200 pounds and was way out of shape. Then, she decided to 'Eat Clean'. Check out her latest book "The Eat-Clean Diet for Families and Kids"

May 24, 2009
Guest: Rodney Stillwell – senior chaplain with Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries
Topic: Hope on the Inside.
The annual outreach to the Forsyth County Jail inmates happens this Saturday (May 30). Volunteers and staff with Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries will spend the day leading a retreat for the inmates. Planned activities will focus on forgiveness and God’s grace.
Later on Saturday evening (May 30), enjoy a FREE concert with Selah.
The concert is FREE…with a LOVE offering taken to support the Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries.
Details: (336) 759-0063

Also, Tami and I will chat with Todd Smith, one of the members of the group “Selah”

Todd and wife ANGIE share their story of losing their 4th daughter shortly after birth…and how the Lord has strengthened their faith in a time of extreme sorrow.

Their latest CD project “You Deliver Me” will be out in August

May 17, 2009
Guests: Larry and Joyce George - founders of SMH
Started in 1992, Siloam Missionary Homes is a ministry that provides comfortable and completely furnished homes for weary and tired missionaries. Siloam Missionary Homes is located in Snow Camp, NC. They also have a 6,100 square foot Retreat and Conference facility.
Phone: (336) 376-8200

Dr Carolyn Clancy with the Agency for Healthcare, Research and Quality
Questions Are the Answer? Medical errors cause tens of thousands of deaths each year. But you can help. Get more involved with your health care by asking Questions.

May 10, 2009 Mother's Day Special
(from May 2007) Author and speaker Marilyn Jeffcoat sharing about her book "I Can: Discovering the Real Truth About Change"
Marilyn lost over 100 pounds through an exercise and healthy eating regime, winning first place in a national makeover competition, and becoming a certified personal trainer. She is the former Dean of Women of Reformed Theological Seminary and chair of the Bible faculty of The First Academy of First Baptist Church in Orlando. Marilyn has more than twenty-five years of Christian ministry experience.
Marilyn is also the founder of 'Total Sculpt' a health ministry that transforms a person from the inside - out.

May 03, 2009 “Journey to Lesotho, Africa”
Guests: Wally Decker and Darren Stevens with WBFJ
Wally and Darren reflect on their recent missions trip to Lesotho Africa with HCJG Global back last March.

Check out their Blog “Journey to Lesotho, Africa”
-Read about their experiences…Lots of pictures…Check out Harvest FM…

Thanks for partnering with WBFJ during Sharathon 2009. You can always pray for WBFJ…plus if you fill lead…give financially to your Family Station…Call (336) 777-1893 or find out more online at

For every $1,000 dollars raised, WBFJ will send another solar powered radio to Lesotho through HCJB Global…sharing the gospel by way of the air waves for over 75 years.

Just a reminder: This Thursday (May 7th, 2009) is the annual National Day of Prayer Thanks to Linda Stone (the state coordinator) for giving us an update on some of the local events.

Theme: "Prayer... America's Hope" based on the verse…Psalm 33:22
FYI: Beth Moore is the ‘Honorary Chairperson’ of the National Day of Prayer Task Force
Find a local National Day of Prayer event in your area:

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